Take in the views

Whiteley 180 a coastal beach lifestyle

Why We Love It

Who doesn't want a coastal beach lifestyle? The wraparound deck and main living area on the upper level give you the best advantage over the landscape and will maximise any potential views. A relaxed, outdoorsy vibe is what you'll get in the Whiteley, but there is also plenty of space for bigger families and designated zones for everyone to appreciate. We love the mix of materials on the facade as well, which sets the coastal tone.

Details 223sqm total size l166sqm living areas
10.6m width l17.4m depth 14 bedrooms
2.5 bathrooms l21iving rooms I deck I
2.7m ceilings (lower) l 2.4m ceiling (upper)


09-Jul-2017 - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

For more information about the house in this story please look at the Whiteley 180.


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