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Hayborough 160 is exactly what this buyer had in mind

The Hayborough 3e by Sarah Homes is exactly what this buyer had in mind

It's not often people find a home design which suits exactly what they'd envisaged even before deciding to build.

For Pam Clezy, however, the dream became a reality the day she found Sarah Homes' Hayborough 3e design, which was almost identical to a floorplan she'd sketched herself months earlier.

"Before I thought about moving to Middleton, I sat down in my house in Adelaide and thought to myself 'If I was able to design a house, what would I do?'," recalls Pam. "So I scribbled down a bit of a plan then came down here and had lunch with a friend who had the Hayborough design, and I said to her I just love this house, this is virtually what I drew."

Fast-forward three years and Pam has her ideal home in the three-bedroom beachside design. "It was a perfect size, but  still big enough for the grandchildren and their parents to come and stay," she says.

"It's easy-maintenance as it's single storey and it just has such an appealing layout, the bedroom is at the back which I love, and the kitchen is set back a bit from the open-plan area so you can't see the mess I might make in the kitchen from the living area," laughs

Pam. "It's just perfect for me." An avid gardener, Pam meticulously designed the home's surrounds to complement the navy coloured weatherboard facade and provide a pleasant outlook from the sea of picture windows throughout.

"I designed the garden myself," she says. "I'd done a certificate of horticulture many years ago, so I got out my pencils and drew it all up to measurement, and had someone do the edging."

Set amid the vibrant cottage-style gardens, which are an attraction for the local wildlife, the home's expansive deck is an ideal space in which to host alfresco dinner parties.

Inside, Pam says while choosing a favourite feature of the home's "perfect" layout is a challenge, the abundance of glass and central kitchen/living/ dining area make the lifestyle a delight.

"With all these lovely windows at the front I've got winter sun which is just gorgeous, I harvest that so I hardly need any heating. And I have the window looking out to the east so I get the morning sun if I want it," she says.

Somewhat inspired by the beach setting, Pam opted for an interior finish with a fresh Hamptons feel, combining creams and whites with subtle splashes of muted colour via upholstered furniture.

"It's a combination of being at the beach and making it homey," she says. In the kitchen, Pam chose a classic white-and-cream provincial style, with white appliances and glass cabinets to display crockery.

''I'm too practical. I will not clean finger marks off stainless steel now that I'm no longer working! Then you become a slave to housework and I don't want that," she says.

A unique addition to the kitchen is the benchtop which is hi-levelled for preparation purposes. "I added that as I don't like people seeing me prepare food," laughs Pam.

She describes the overall feel of the home as peaceful, light and airy.


27-Mar-2016 - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

For more information about the house in this story please look at the Hayborough 160.


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