Current Packages

Our Current Packages

Our house & land packages are available in some of the best developments across the state. Please note that with our House and Land packages, the land is sold by the real estate agent and the house is sold in a separate contract with Sarah Homes.


McCubbin 240
Rear Carport
Lot 2 / 34 Boucaut Crescent, Hayborough  349m2  from $579,000 Brochure pdf


MCCubbin 4e
with Deck (Elevated)
39 Marina Way (lot 508), Mannum Waters 1018m2 from $298,900 Brochure pdf

Meadows, Mawson Green

Fairweather 3e Lot 126 Mertz Place Meadows, Mawson Green 800m2  from $395,500 Brochure pdf


Roberts 2 Storey
Allotment 2, 102 Second Avenue, Moana 650m2  from $554,938 Brochure pdf


McCubbin 3 15 Allargue Street, Nairne 838m2 from $315,500 Brochure pdf

Port Broughton

Hayborough 180 Lot 3 Casey Road, Port Broughton 763m2 from $259,000 Brochure pdf
Lindsay 160 Lot 2 Casey Road, Port Broughton 759m2 from $234,000 Brochure pdf

Wallaroo Shores

Emily 2 Storey Wallaroo Shores – to suit 14.0m allotments 448m2 from $387,530 Brochure pdf
McCubbin 3e Wallaroo Shores – to suit 12.5m allotments 400m2 from $294,143 Brochure pdf
Whiteley 2 Storey 180 Wallaroo Shores – to suit 16.0m allotments 512m2 from $437,148 Brochure pdf