Taking the Great Outdoors Indoors

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Taking the Great Outdoors Indoors

LIGHTWEIGHT, attractive and modern, Sarah Homes' three bedroom Hayborough 3e is the ultimate holiday home, creating a great environment year-round. Simple forms, large windows and wraparound decking provides families and couples with an informal home for today's lifestyle. Clad in a hardy plank, the Hayborough can also assume a contemporary look by substituting timber with corrugated iron.

Helen Lowrie from Sarah Homes said the Hayborough 3e was designed for modern lifestyles, where the interior flows into the exterior. "Increasingly people are looking for more casual entertaining space in their home," she said. "The Hayborough design is a perfect example of relaxed and informal living because of its simple but effective use of space. "While the decking is a major feature, the Hayborough also allows views from every angle of the living room through its placement of large open windows." "The standard balcony width is 2m x 13m long, but most clients adapt the deck to suit their property, and it can be produced as large as you want."

The Hayborough 3e is clad with hardy plank, giving it a holiday feel. It's lightweight, cool in summer and warm in winter.

Size: 155 sq m
Living Area: 122.3 sq m
Width: 12.2m
Depth: 12.7m
Ceiling: 2.4m
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Living Areas: Meals and Family Room


23-Jan-2005 - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

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