Surf’s Up

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Surf's Up

A modified Lindsay 4e from Sarah Homes provided
everything this surfer needed to embrace his lifestyle

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Since he began surfing at the age of 12 Tony Heffernan has always loved the water. It was just a matter of time before everything fell into place and he built his home by the sea. "Finding the right block on which to build was probably always going to be the most important aspect of enjoying a seaside lifestyle," he says. "The second part was ensuring I could build a house that had everything I wanted within that space. Having the large, open living area in the centre is the main feature of the home for me. It is quite large and people are often surprised how big the home is inside in relation to what they see on the outside."

There is no wasted space in this design. The home has three bedrooms and a study, which all come off the singe living area. Themain bedroom has a walkthrough wardrobe leading to the ensuite with study located behind. Bedrooms two and three are separated by the main bathroom and laundry, on the opposite side of the home. "The house is great for when friends come down and stay," Tony says. "There are two extra bedrooms and the study can also be used as a guest room if there are a few people staying over."

The whole design of the house was built to suit the environment of living by the sea. "I didn't want a brick veneer home because it just wouldn't have fitted in. The cladding and Colorbond actually look very good in this environment. Also, I didn't want any concrete paths, so I went for aggregate instead - again just for the look and to fi t in with the surroundings." The house was orientated so only one wall is facing the sea, reducing any problems associated with salty air. "Another benefit of this is that the outdoor areas are protected from the wind but get a lot of sun, and I also have lovely views of the hills and country side," Tony says.

"I wanted to have sliding doors at the front and back of the home so I can open up the home in the summer and use the cool seabreezes to cool the home without having to use the airconditioner. "Because I have always surfed I have always wanted to enjoy the lifestyle of living by the sea," Tony says. "It's not everyone's cup of tea but I enjoy the country lifestyle and the feeling of a slower pace." Tony included an outdoor shower in his design. "Having the use of an outdoor shower means you can rinse yourself off before going inside the home but I was also aware of choosing laminated flooring because it is quick and easy to clean," he says. "You just need to run over it once with a vacuum cleaner."


4-Oct-2010 - The Sunday Mail Home Magazine

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